The Weekend MBA in Investing – Analyse India Learning Series. Week 6

The Weekend MBA in Investing.

We are starting with a weekly post under Analyse India Learning Series – The Weekend MBA in Investing.

What is it ?

There is so much of content available on various media like youtube, blogs, podcasts etc. But the maximum hits are on the worst possible content.

Over the last 10-15 years a lot of great content is freely available on Investing in an Indian Context.

There are many such interesting resources now available thanks to many investors, fund managers, individuals willing to share their views.

In this Series we will be curating some of the best content which is available mostly for free or in form of books.

The Focus is going to be only Indian Origin Content.

Thanks to my team mate Dhruv Galada and Harsh Doshi for compiling this documents.


Week 1 - Weekend MBA in Investing. - Alpha Moghuls

Week 2 - Weekend MBA in Investing. - Wizards of Dalal Street

Week 3 - MasterClass with Super Investors – A book by Vishal Mittal and Saurabh

Week 4 - The Weekend MBA – Newsletters / Memos

Week 5 - Indian Investing Conclave - Alpha Series - Part 1


Week 6 -  The Weekend MBA – Indian Investing Conclave - Alpha Series - Part 2

In this series, Jatin Khemani has called on various Investors where they cover diverse Investing topics.

We had covered Part 1 last week and this week have come up with Part 2

Topics Covered :

  • Mr. Amit Rupani - Evolution of My Investment Philosophy
  • Mr. Paresh G Sangani - Focussed Investing
  • Mr. Ashwini Damani : Forensics in Investing
  • Mr Digant Haria: A Masterclass on Indian Lending Space & Lockdown's Impact
  • Mr. Naresh Katariya : Gold : Portfolio Hedge in Uncertain Times
  • Mr Sajal Kapoor : A Masterclass on Global Custom Development & Manufacturing Opportunity
  • Mr. Raunak Onkar : Beginners Guide to Global Equities
  • Mr Samit Vartak : Picking Winning Stocks
  • Mr. Vishal Bhargava : Trends in India's Largest Real Estate Market - Mumbai
  • Mr Tushar Bohra : Pharma APIs - Common Products, Uncommon Profits?
  • Mr. Prabhakar Kudva : Patterns To Spot Winning Stocks
  • Mr Nitin Rao : A Masterclass on Pre-IPO Market


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The Weekend MBA - IIC Alpha Series - Part 2


Slideshare :


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Stocks on Radar –TCS , Tata Motors, Infoedge, Inox Leisure, PVR and Prism Johnson

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