The Weekend MBA in Investing –Analyse India Learning Series.

The Weekend MBA in Investing.

We are starting with a weekly post under Analyse India Learning Series – The Weekend MBA in Investing.

What is it ?

There is so much of content available on various media like youtube, blogs, podcasts etc. But the maximum hits are on the worst possible content.

Over the last 10-15 years a lot of great content is freely available on Investing in an Indian Context.

I was part of a few podcasts on the podcasts and there are some amazing ones on that site thanks to Puneet and Manish. ( will be covering these in the coming posts.)

There are many such interesting resources now available thanks to many investors,fund managers, individuals willing to share their views.

In this Series we will be curating some of the best content which is available mostly for free or in form of books. 

I initially thought of creating a total collection but realized such a document only gets downloaded but never used well.

So what we will be doing is every week for the next many weeks we will be sharing One Post which you can go through over the weekend.

The Focus is going to be only Indian Origin Content.

Thanks to my team mate Harsh Doshi and Dhruv Galada for compiling this documents. 


The First Post – Weekend MBA in Investing.

In our first post we cover some of the super interviews of Indian Investors and Fund Managers done by Niraj Shah.

Alpha Moghuls -

In this series, Bloomberg Quint’s Market Editor Niraj Shah interviews

India’s leading Fund Managers and Most Successful Investors.

You can download the pdf here which gives a little brief about the Investors/Fund Managers covered. 

Alpha Moghuls – Weekend MBA in Investing.





Alternatively can go through this Playlist on Youtube.

Playlist – Link - 



Do Read and Share. Also if you come across some content which you think most have not gone through can mail it on . Suggestions welcome.


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