Technical Analysis that Works – Free Ebook – All Chapters

This is in continuation to the previous post about the Book - Technical Analysis that Works

Added two other short chapters - Trianges , Indicators.

Re-posting what I wrote on the first post on this Ebook

A few years back i was supposed to write a book for a leading publisher but somehow after writing a few chapters realized it was tough for me to do it.  ( neither is it a money-making proposition) . The working name i had thought was "Analysis that Works"

Quesions which i did not have an answer to.

  • How to explain a lot of practical stuff through a few charts and paragraphs and not be theoretical.
  • There are a lot of books already written on the Theory of Technical Analysis.
  • How can you mix a lot of psychology and strategy with each topic.

And finally i decided to give it a pass and maybe look at writing it after some weeks. It was tough to put down a lot of practical thinking into exact words. As well as the process of analyzing is very dynamic and evolving. Change is the only constant in Markets.

Could not continue with the efforts needed as well as the conviction about the content being practical enough as it can be in a group training session with impromptu questions. ( Maybe I was too lazy or maybe busy with Core Work)

Frankly the amount of effort which goes into writing a book is not worth the money involved unless you are writing a pot-boiler movie story like Chetan Bhagat was also a deterrent.

But i had written a few chapters with a lot of effort. Will be sharing those chapters with all the readers for educational purpose.

Hopefully some day will be able to write a Good Book or a Video Course on Technical Analysis and Trading.


You can download the Full E-Book from here ( Introduction to Technical Analysis, Dow Theory, Channels, Triangles and Indicators )

Technical Analysis that Works - Free Ebook

Also see it on Slideshare.


This is all i wrote a 2-3 years back. Just realized it was 80 odd pages and some more draft pages/charts !


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