The Weekend MBA in Investing – Analyse India Learning Series. Week 4

The Weekend MBA in Investing.

We are starting with a weekly post under Analyse India Learning Series – The Weekend MBA in Investing.

What is it ?

There is so much of content available on various media like youtube, blogs, podcasts etc. But the maximum hits are on the worst possible content.

Over the last 10-15 years a lot of great content is freely available on Investing in an Indian Context.

There are many such interesting resources now available thanks to many investors, fund managers, individuals willing to share their views.

In this Series we will be curating some of the best content which is available mostly for free or in form of books.

The Focus is going to be only Indian Origin Content.

Thanks to my team mate Dhruv Galada and Harsh Doshi for compiling this documents.


Week 1 - Weekend MBA in Investing. - Alpha Moghuls

Week 2 - Weekend MBA in Investing. - Wizards of Dalal Street

Week 3 - MasterClass with Super Investors – A book by Vishal Mittal and Saurabh


Week 4 -  The Weekend MBA – Newsletters / Memos

In this series, we cover one of the finest Investor Newsletters and Memos written by Indian Fund Managers and Investors


Pdf Download : 

The Weekend MBA - Newsletters & Memos


Slideshare Link : 

Newsletters Covered :

Sage One Investments

DMZ Partners

Buoyant Capital

Banyan Tree Advisors

Alchemy Capital

Equirus Wealth

Turtle Star

Marcellus Investment Managers

Negen Capital

Vallum Capital


Do Read and Share. Also if you come across some newsletters or memos which you think most have not gone through can mail it on . Suggestions welcome.


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There are a couple of long term themes which look interesting.

2 Thematic Baskets & Smallcap Divergence with Nifty–What Next. Research Report–2499


This new Technical Research Report contains.

1) Nifty Technical View.

2) Smallcap Divergence with Nifty – What Next ?

3) Sector in Focus – 4 Core Stock Ideas and 2 Smaller Bets. Daily and Weekly Charts.

4) Thematic Sector – 3 Bets for the Long Term. 10-15 Year Breakout. ( Long Term Charts )

Subscribe the Report – 2 Thematic Baskets & Smallcap Divergence with Nifty–What Next    Rs 2499.

Payment Link –

The Report will get auto-downloaded. If any issue mail to or whatsapp on 7977801488

Performance of Past Reports – Post 50000 Sensex Boom or Doom


Performance of Past Reports – Re-Iteration of Textiles in the 2nd Report



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The views expressed are based solely on information available publicly and believed to be true. Investors are advised to independently evaluate the market conditions/risks involved before making any investment decision

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