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In the last few months the no of new readers on the website keeps increasing and as per the statistics on the site stats not many seem to have searched through the blog to see previous articles. So today with yet another sluggish market day giving a lot of stuff to read to all of you :) 


Although there are just too many instances of posts which would have been of great help to readers.


Listing down a few important ones and will keep adding more to this post. ( Old readers can comment and suggest on which ones to add:)


The list below is compiled of one of the presentations we had made in 2009 !! – You can also download a PDF if u want a shorter view of the same –

Best Blog Posts of 2009.


Click on the links below to go to the selected post.


1) Increase cash at 21k in January 2008 – Warning Given


2) Sell Call on Crude at 145 calling for a Massive Correction


3) Sensex Video Analysis calling an exit below 16k in 2008 May


4) Sensex Time Analysis in February calling for a bottom around March and big move therafter.


5) April  07 – 2009 – Tripple treat – Hang Seng/Nikkei and India – Major trend change !!


6) May 27 – Statistics can be deceptive


7) Sensex time to increase cash at 16k


8) May 04 2009 – The next big move is in crude


9) Crude Follow up article June 25 2009


10) Sensex rising wedge suggesting 17k tgt


11) Sensex rising wedge target was given as 15500 


12) Sensex 15300-15500 should hold up – VIDEO ANALYSIS


I would advise New Readers/Old Loyal followers to go through the above posts to understand the effectiveness of Technical Analysis. Also can pass this link to people interested in Stock Markets/Technical Analysis 🙂


Very soon will try to make such a compilation of 2006/2007/2008 and 2010 🙂 . Yes for the record i started writing regularly on this Blog from October 2006 🙂 before which i used to write on orkut community and forums.


TECHNICAL ANALYSIS TRAINING SESSION MUMBAI Sept 4-5. ( Enroll at the earliest to become independent in your trading decisions and start analyzing like us )

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  1. adit
    August 31, 2010

    hi nooresh im holding a large quantity on jmc projects at 218 n its only comin down what do u think about it???

  2. Senthil
    August 31, 2010

    Hi Nooresh,
    Looks like, everyday the sensex goes down. Can you put some lights on telecom sectors? I do hold Bharti Airtel shares, hence would like to know your views on the same whether to hold or sell.


  3. xyz
    August 31, 2010

    datamatics and hercules hoist are they worth investing at current levels .. Datamatics was a newsletter pick a year back at 30 and did upto 38.. Now it is back again at 30 odd levls .. Same with hercules given at 230-240 did arnd 300 a couple of days back ..

  4. Mahesh Vakharia
    September 16, 2010

    Hi Nooresh ,
    Great !!!!!! I have just came across your site how I dont know but was searching
    for moving average and I got your site , Well researched and even other wise
    you are doing good to non paying cliant also . But I think for me it is not fair and should pay for the call you are making . I am not a day trader but long term investor . Suggest your plan and will sure like to be your member .Kudos
    Althoug I have gone through the various plan but , as I told my requirement your
    suggestion will be fine to listen to .

    with due regards

    1. nooresh
      September 17, 2010

      Hi Mahesh,

      Well you can look for Delivery Gains/QuickGains Premium. For more u can call me on 09819225396




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