Small Cap Coverage – Update- Excellent Returns for Investors

Please read the update given before – UPDATE on Small Cap Coverage in July



Around November 2009 the blog had a new post category of Small Cap Coverage where I try to cover Small cap stocks which look very interesting on fundamentals and have very high growth potential or a possibly large valuation gap according to my limited knowledge of business and fundamental analysis.

All the stocks covered may have potential to become multi-baggers in the long run my targets have been roughly in the range 50-100% over medium to long term. Although I don’t write a big lengthy report but a brief on my fundamental and technical view is posted. (Soon we would have a fundamental analyst team who would explain in more details).

The stock-picking has been excellent in this section providing superlative returns as well as giving readers enough time to research the stock and accumulate.

Following stocks were covered. Read the posting below it for the report on the stock and the current view has been posted.


1) Accentia Technologies

Report published on November 29 – 2009 : Market Price – 112-118.

Current Market Price: 280 .Highest price reached: 332

Current View:

The stock has achieved all our targets but the potential in the stock still remains and can outperform over the next 1-2 years.


At the consolidated eps of 55 the stock still looks interesting. Dips to 250 could be a good entry point. Long term target could be 400-500. Will review whenever it dips.


2) Surya Pharma

Report published on December 14 – 2009 : Market Price – 135-140.

Current Market Price: 232 Highest Price reached: 195.8

Current View:

In the last update at 185 had mentioned the stock to be a buy and hold at that price to and may give a smart move above 200. Stock has since hit a new life high of 234.

Continue to maintain the view that the stock could turnout to be a multi bagger. Can look to take fresh entry on dips to 200.


3) PTL Enterprises.

Report published on 7 January 2007 Market Price: 19-20

Current Market Price: 49 Highest Price reached: 55

Current View:

The view on the stock now is to completely book profits as it has surpassed our target of 40. Giving a good 100% + return.


Call closed so no updates would be posted further.



Report published on January 2010 Market Price: 110-105

Current Market Price: 145 Highest Price reached: 175

Investors should book profits fully in the range of 145-170 and if needed to have an exposure in Medical Care then look to buy Fortis or Apollo Hospitals on declines. Yet again here we were looking at a valuation gap which gets narrowed at 170 or higher levels.


5) ION Exchange

Report published on 5 April 2010 Market Price: 140-145

Current Market Price: 235 Highest Price reached : 264

Current View:

Finally the company has come out with some details on the business plan –


Book profits in the range of 250 and re-enter on dips to 220. Longer term its a multi-bagger and a must hold in the portfolio if taken at lower levels.


6) Camlin Limited and Navneet Publications

Please read the post –

I remain extremely bullish on the above stocks. Camlin Limited partial booking can be done at 38-42 levels which is a decent 30-40% jump.

Navneet could give a strong upmove above 58 levels. Keep a watch.


7) Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

Report published on 22 July 2010 Market Price: 420


Current Market Price: 630 Highest Price reached : 685

Current View:

The stock did the target price of 600 + in less than a month which was a pleasant surprise.


Investors can look to book fully at 600-700 levels and shift to Bengal and Assam Company Limited. Although the stock has lot of value and can move higher returns of 50% in quick time in a defensive stock is superb.



7) Andrew Yule Company

Report published on 5  August 2010 Market Price: 42 


Current Market Price: 41.6 Highest Price reached : 39

Current View:

The stock gave a quick move to 47 after the recommendation and partial booking was suggested. 

Re-entry can be done at 39-41 levels. Longer term target would be 50/60.

Fresh buying could also be done with a medium term outlook. Stock could see encouraging announcements over the next 3-6 months.


7) Bengal and Assam Company Limited


Report published on 22 July 2010 Market Price: 260 


Current Market Price: 290 Highest Price reached : 320

Current View:

The stock is an excellent value pick even at current levels. Investors looking for a defensive stock should continue to accumulate. A strong buy with long term view.

In the next 1 year the stock can give a pleasant surprise as the stock catches fancy of investors. Do read the valuation and other details given in the post.




All the above calls are MANY A TIMES  covered in our DELIVERY GAINS SCHEME prior to the blog – Charges Rs 20k annual, 7k per qtr. For more check – or call Asif 09833666151 for all plans.


  1. A
    August 20, 2010

    Sir what is your view on Jaysree Tea. Is it still hold as stock is not performing like TATA COFFEE.

  2. Mihir
    August 20, 2010

    Nooresh bhai,

    great post!!
    your 2 other reco Cosmo films and Ratnamani it still hold?
    or sell and switch to better stocks?

  3. Nwo
    August 21, 2010


    You should not only mention about performers but also under-performers. Kaveri seeds is one of them, you had recommended at 300 plus and advised investors to add more at 280 level but this stock has not picked up nor took part in the recent rally. Moreover its going down day by day. Today it touch 273 levels.
    Whats ur take on this?


    1. nooresh
      August 21, 2010

      Hi Nwo,

      The above report is an update on the Small Cap Coverage which is a section updated with detailed view and personal research.
      For Kaveri Seed we have bought at 308/285. Keeping a stoploss of 270 on closing basis. This will be a risk of 5-9%. So when taking a clutch of stocks not all will perform.

      So please do your own research before investing and be ready to digest some risk too:)

      As of now maintain the hold on Kaveri Seed.

      1. Sanman
        August 23, 2010


        How can you expect all his stocks to perform and btw Kaveri has still not hit the stoploss. Give him a break or better .. a few words of appreciation..Even Sachin tendulkar doesn’t hold all the records 🙂


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