Be Stock Specific but Buy Quality !!

Midcaps and Small counters have started buzzing but take care with what u buy and the reasons to do the same !!!

Buy Quality stocks and dont get swayed by the so called operator stocks etc etc !! And keep stoplosses if taking a short term trading call. Do adequate risk management.
Stocks to watchout for :
GAIL buy on dips to 420 stop 414 or above 430 for a target price of 450/465 in short term.
Day Traders Buy ABB on dips to 785 stop 775 tgt 810-820. Kotak Bank around 845 stop 836 tgt 865.
Textile Stocks are seeing fresh momentum. Arvind Mills and Alok Inds could be bought on declines with a short term view for sharp traders.
BGR energy and Jyoti Structures are on verge of a quick 10-15 % move if crosses 535 and 182.
PTL enterprises Ltd ( 509220 ) cmp 17.7
After Accentia Tech and Surya Pharma another little attempt on Fundamental picking
Its a company from the Apollo Tyres brand and is basically a Tyre Unit which is then marketed under Apollo Brand.
But the clincher is the 500 bed Artemis Hospital in Gurgaon. As per the last deal for Wockhardt Hospital for 1900 beds the deal was a valuation of 52 lakh per bed.
So if we have to do a calculation on similar basis then it would be 50 lakhs * 500 which is 250 crores.
The current market cap is around 120 crores. Also this includes one unit of Tyres which may have some land value as well which generates rental income as well as on relocation of the unit the company may get some land value.
Technically a low volume stock but if it becomes a takeover candidate or the company decides to expand in this segment there could be an appreciation of 30-50% or more over 1 yr.
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    January 17, 2010

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    January 26, 2010

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