Weekend Binge–Textile Old Report Free, Weekend MBA, Journey of a Trade, Price Volume Breakout Scanner & Random Portfolio Series.

Summarizing some of the good reads out of the last few posts which I would recommend reading/bookmarking.

This will be worth your time spent instead of browsing through stuff on social media.



1) Textile Sector covered in January 2021. Still interesting for the long term.

We had covered textile sector in our Post 50000 Boom or Doom Report in January end 2021.

Two snippets from the report.







You can download the report for free from this link.

Textile Sector Coverage. Old Report - Sensex - Post 50000 Boom or Doom - Free Now.


2) The Weekend MBA in Investing


Week1 – Alpha Moghuls

Week 2 –Wizards of  Dalal Street


3) Journey of a Trade – Now 26 videos.

The videos in this series will include Real Trades done in our service Technical Traders Club

Intention is to help our viewers understand, how we spot, enter, exit our trades.


Journey of a Trade – Youtube Video Playlist with 26 short videos.


4) Price Volume Analysis with Nooresh Merani – Samco Interview & Free Scan and Screener Link.


Price Volume Analysis with Nooresh Merani – Samco Interview.


Created a free Scanner on Chartink – Price Volume Breakout by Nooresh Merani

A good screen created on Screener.in – thanks to ayush mittal -  https://www.screener.in/screens/440753/Price-Volume-Action/ 


5) The Random Portfolio Series

  1. Random Portfolio Test– It either Humbles or Humiliates! Part 1 of 3
  2. Random Portfolio up 200% from March 2020 Lows–Everyone can say Maine Bola Tha. Part 2 of 3.
  3. 64% of Stocks Below Jan 2018 highs. There are lot of Opportunities even in Current Markets 



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