8 Charts–Nifty Momentum Shift, Nifty EqualWeight, Mid100, Brent Crude & 4 StockCharts.

Nifty 50 from being oversold has quickly turned into Overbought.


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1) Nifty 50 – RSI back above 70 but with a major momentum shift.


Nifty Overbought or a new trend

Although i prefer to use RSI more for RSI divergences and catching bottoming out but today we look at the current situation from a momentum perspective.

  • Nifty has been in a channel after topping out in end of 2021.
  • The last couple of times Nifty topped with RSI 70.
  • The current break into overbought looks similar to a momentum shift last seen in August 2021 and November 2020. ( Shown with Green Vertical lines and circle.)
  • Such a momentum shift generally indicates a major bottom is done.
  • Can this be a start of a bigger trend?
  • Even if its not a bigger breakout such a shift is start of a lot of sectoral/stock and thematic trends.
  • One may now start focusing lesser on Index but focus on finding new themes/sectors/stocks which may outperform even in an Index correction/consolidation.

We did pick the leading sector correctly right at the bottom – Banking. Check this detailed presentation done on 24th June 2020 -

Future of Nifty50–Banking on Banks–Free Detailed Presentation.

The sector continues to look a leader alongwith Autos ( Older post on Autos in May  )


Nifty50 Equal Weight – New Leadership needed for Breakout.

Nifty50 Equal Weight Leader

  • A clean channel breakout on the Nifty50 Equalweight.
  • The chart below in red is the RS with the Nifty50.
  • The last time it gave a breakout was when Reliance Topped and rest of the names in Nifty50 did well.
  • The last two tops coincided with a top in IT.
  • If this breakout has to continue who takes leadershio – Banks and Financials/Auto/Cap Goods or happens alongwith some recovery in IT and Reliance ?
  • Will get answers when BankNifty can also take out major highs. Autos/FMCG have already done so. Cap Goods coming close.


3) Nifty Mid100 – Nearing the channel resistance. A dip before it breaks out or right away ?


Nifty Mid 100


4) Brent Crude – Almost back to Russia invasion of Ukraine price. About to break the 94-97 supports.


Brent Crude Futega


Now some interesting charts from the Nifty50 which are poised to show fresh leadership. So not posting any Auto names ( clear ATHs & 52 week highs in M&M and some others. )


5) ICICI Bank – Back near to all time highs.

ICICI Bank Back


6) SBI – Back near to all time highs.

SBI back


7) Sun Pharma – Sade Sati to get over ?

Sun Pharma 7 years


8) Reliance Inds – Some more time sideways before it breaks out on one of the sides ?


Reliance Inds Yo



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