NooreshTech Weekly Insights – 1st April 2022

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NooreshTech Weekly Insights (1st April 2022)

1 ) Insider Trading Alert

NCL Industries Limited

NCL Industries Ltd is principally engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling of Cement, Ready Mix Concrete, Cement Bonded Particle Boards, Doors, and operates two Small Hydro Power projects.

Details of buying :


Past Promoter Shareholding


The promoters and directors have recently bought ~4.64lk equity shares from open market which comes to around 1.03% equity

Also promoter holding have gone up from 40.33% in March 2019 to 44% in Dec 2021

Investor Dolly Khanna also owns 1.73% stake in the company



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Smallcase performance vs Benchmark

2) Inverted Yield Curve & Recession

Normal yield curve – Long term yields > Short term yields


Flattening yield curve – Long term yields = Short term yields


Inverted yield curve – Long term yields <  Short term yields


Historically, many times when the yield curve has inverted, the economy has eventually led to a recession.

An inversion takes place when the difference between the long term and short term yields turns negative or falls below the Zero level

Lets see where we stand now : DJIA VS 2/10 bond yield curve

Looking at the above image, can we say the inversion predicts the recession accurately? –

Well, if it does, the timing is not great!!

Many times when the inversion happens, it is followed by a sharp market rally and inversion also corrects itself in the meantime!!

Some of the maddest part of bull rallies in past were during the inverted yield curve period, Say 1995-1999 or 2006-2007


3) NIFTY CPSE & NIFTY PSE - Taking the lead

#NIFTYCPSE & #NIFTYPSE - Taking lead.

Nearing 52-week highs in many names in the basket.

Quite a few thematic bets are possible in the #PSU basket.




4) World Indices showing Relative Strength

While some part of the world indices are grappling with the news of Russia Ukraine War, some other part of world is showing some super relative strength and are making new highs !!

Markets Near their 52 week Highs -  

  • Australia,
  • Dow Jones Transportation Avg,
  • UK FTSE 100,
  • Thailand



Markets which have made a New All Time High or New 52week Highs - 

  • Chile,
  • Portugal,
  • Mexico,
  • Indonesia,
  • Canada


Do let us know in the comments section if you have a take on any of the above observations!!


Happy Weekend !!


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