Risk-Reward Setups–Powergrid , Mahindra & Mahindra, Bharat Forge, Gail India.

Some of the difficult trades are to pre-empt potential big moves with a small stoploss.

The hit rate may not be as high as breakouts but risk-rewards are in the order of 1: 5 or more.

Had shared a similar post some time back – Some of them doing well now.

Interesting but Difficult Setups–Adani Ports, RBL Bank, Jindal Steel, United Spirits.

One of the trades that worked superbly well for me . Just got Lucky.

Looking at some more similar uncomfortable trade setups. Please do your risk management and research and read the disclaimer . ( Also assume would have positions which am ready to get out on stops.)

Powergrid – The largest weight in CPSE ETF which is yet to breakout.

Powergrid Blog 


Mahindra & Mahindra – A total underperformer for quite some time now. Would you pre-empt or act on momentum is the call to be taken. Interestingly placed.

M&M Blog


Bharat Forge – Good long term trend. Consolidating around supports.

Bharat Forge Blog


GAIL -  Super Risk Reward

Gail India Blog


Smallcase Launch - Smallcase Launch–Top 10 Insider Trading, Top 10 Techno Funda, Top 10 Value & Thematic Smallcases.

Online Technical Analysis Video Course – A good time to now do it.

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