Smallcase Launch–Top 10 Insider Trading, Top 10 Techno Funda, Top 10 Value & Thematic Smallcases.


"I am extremely happy to announce that I've partnered with smallcase to help change the Investing Scene in India, one step at a time. Excited, Intrigued and Fascinated to see where this new journey takes me! You can find my smallcases here -



A brief intro about our smallcase

Do note these are concentrated Portfolios and will have high volatility.


1) Top 10 Insider Trading Top 10 Insider Trading actively tracks Open Market Buying and Selling by Promoters and comes out with Interesting Stocks worth Investing based on Insider Trading

2) TOP 10 VALUE TOP 10 Fundamental Picks which are at Decent Valuations and Good Future Potential.  - More focused towards deep value and contrarian bets.

3) Top 10 Techno Funda Top 10 Stocks based on a Mix of Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis.


Thematic Smallcases. ( There will be new ones whenever we see a long term trend possibility)


4) The Ancillary Theme Price and Volume Breakouts on Daily Charts. On verge of longer-term Breakouts too.


5) The Pipe Theme 10-15 Year Technical Breakout in a Sector. From being Heavily in Debt to almost Low Debt or Net Cash. Better Governance. A new Narrative may play out once these companies start performing fundamentally.


For suggestions – Do mail to Getting used to this platform

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