Nifty Calculator June 2021. Analyse with Me Batch starts 17th July

An Update

After a break starting another batch of Analyse with Me. Starting 17th July.

Check this video for a quick take

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Do check this video on Nifty Calculator - 

What is Nifty Calculator ?

-> As per the weightages given by NSE for Nifty stocks we have created the Nifty Calculator.

-> Change the expected price and the expected Nifty will change accordingly

-> Create 3 different sheets for yourself–

Pessimistic ( where you put the worst possible prices you think . Default 15% down )

Optimistic ( the best prices possible. Default 15% up)

Neutral/Rational/Technical / Fundamental ( prices on any reasoning )

Please Note as weightages change every day by small margin this will not give an accurate estimate but will be approximate.

How to Guess?

  • Everyone has a view on Nifty based on Macro, PE, Valuations, Technicals, Waves etc. Try to grill it down to the constituents. It should be a reflection of your actual guesstimate.
  • Just estimating wild scenarios on the top 20 stocks is enough given the 75-80% weight.
  • Start with changing default fall to 5-10-15-20-40-80 or rise to 5-10-20-40-80.
  • Then change stocks which you think may not do the default move.


Interesting Observations

  • Top 5 stocks – Reliance, HDFC Bank, Infosys, HDFC, ICICI Bank = 41.16% of Nifty.  (Nifty at an all time high but only Infosys have hit a new all time high !! )
  • Top 10 stocks constitutes 58.64% of Nifty  ( some drift lower )
  • Top 20 stocks constitutes 76.45% of Nifty   ( around the same for last few months.)
  • Reliance is the top weight at 10.01%, followed by  HDFC Bank at 9.59% . 19.60% of the Index. 
  • Reliance + HDFC Twins = 26.15% of Nifty ( Hope you get it why Nifty does not depict GDP. 27% of India GDP not equal to Reliance +HDFC)
  • HDFC Twins together constitutes 16.14% of Nifty  ( same for some time)
  • Bottom 25 stocks have less than 1% weight and total weight at 18.23%

Sectoral Observations

  • Banks and Financials now steady at 37-38% for last few months. From a bottom of 33.165 in July 2020.
  • Oil and Gas from 16.18% in July 2020 to 11.68% ( Reliance relative underperformance.)
  • Power at just 1.68%. After a long time Media at 0. Metals from 2.15 to 3.56%
  • IT weight increased from 14.48% in April 2020 to 17.43% in June 2021 (IT outperformance continues) 
  • Automobile at ~5-6% since 2 years
  • Pharma weights stable since last year at ~3.5%


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