ANALYSE WITH ME – A Practical approach to Technical analysis

We started the Classroom training programs in 2006 with my mentor N S Fidai doing the major part of the training and me focusing only on the speed analysis and how to use software sessions. After a few years we both could do the full 2 days training programs ( its exhausting to talk for 16-18 hours in 48 hours.). It was always a batch of maximum 10 people and the course fees used to Rs 14000 in 2006-2007 and is the same till date. The major reason for us to do the course is it helps us get better in analysis and trading as we get to learn from participants of varied age profile, work profile, professions,experience etc

In the first 5-7 years of the training programs we used to allow participants to drop into the office to analyse with us in the evenings for the next week or two. This worked superbly for everyone who was in Mumbai but would not possible for the courses we did out of Mumbai.

I remember quite a few people actually came from other cities and stayed for a week in Mumbai. The evening sessions would be a mix of analysis and psychology which was a great learning process for us and the participant. Over a period of time this became difficult due to the travel,logistics and paucity of time. Since the last few years almost all my classroom courses have been in Mumbai due to personal commitments ( Marriage and Twin Kids).

We also had this option- Refresher Course free for all participants. Anyone could attend the same course for free anytime in next 6-12 months. We have had participants join in on the 2nd day for the Speed Analysis session even after many years.

The Lunch and Tea break discussion could continue on various topics related to markets. This would be the time we could learn from various participants and discuss candidly on so many topics.

I remember doing my first Webinar and Online Course back in 2009 and a Youtube Video in 2008 but have always preferred to do the sessions in a Classroom setting.

Finally in the Lockdown did curate an Online Video Course .

Over the last few months have been thinking on how do we keep doing Training Programs and get an experience which is closer to the Classroom session. After a lot of thought its very difficult to get an exact classroom session but we can get closer to it.

What we realized is its difficult to imbibe the discussions during the Lunch/tea discussions and evening Speed Analysis. The Online Video Course has enough content and we keep adding more content ( All my webinars in different forums get shared too) . The Refresher Session experience is replicated as the access to the Videos is for 1 year.

Now with everyone becoming comfortable with the Webinar Mode of learning there are two things we can do.

1)  Have speed analysis session and Open interactions in the evenings via Webinar Mode – ANALYSE WITH ME – A Practical Approach to Technical Analysis.

2) The Online Course as a live event plus the Analyse with Me Sessions ( working on it but will have to be done batchwise. If interested mail on or whatsapp 7977801488 ) Will launch as per response. The Combination will be priced at Rs 14000.

ANALYSE WITH ME– A Practical approach to Technical Analysis Way

Analyse with me is an addendum to the Online Video Course that we offer where we share our analysis of charts in a live webinar format (4 times in a month) on End of day basis. The ANALYSE WITH ME session is also open to anyone who has already learnt Technical Analysis from us or has good enough knowledge of Technical Analysis. Ideal combination would be to take both Online Video Course and Analyse with Me session.

What are the Details

1) 2-3 Hour Recorded Session which is a summary of our approach to Technical Analysis.

2 ) Analyse with Me – Webinar Sessions.

The webinar will be of 2 hrs each and 4 times in a month covering topics such as. ( Generally 1 on Sunday and 2-3 on Weekdays.)

  • How to analyse 1500 stocks in 2-3 hrs - scanning, watchlist, alerts, tracking etc
  • Trading Strategy & Psychology- how much to risk per trade, risk reward, targets, stoploss etc
  • How to identify a leading sector, sectoral allocation - equiweight indices, relative strength etc
  • Interactive with queries on chart patterns.
  • How to use various softwares in your daily workflow.
  • Learn how to use Technical Analysis practically with so many examples discussed

The motive of the session is to try making you independent in your own Technical Analysis approach and also help us get better with you asking a lot of questions on the topics covered. The big requirement is to keep asking questions and also share your perspective.

Fees = Rs 6000.

A new batch will start every month. So this is open for subscription till 31st July. Limited Seats. Max 20.

It is open to anyone who has learnt Technical Analysis from us or has enough knowledge of the subject. Idea combination would be to take both Online Video Course and Analyse with Me session.

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Combo – Online Video Course + Analyse with Me Session – Fees Rs 12000 -

For any queries mail to or Whatsapp on 7977801488