Technical Analysis Course

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Who can do the course?
Any person, yes absolutely any person can do the course, who can use computer, has internet connection and has inclination to learn and acquire knowledge.

Do you need to know anything about technical analysis before you do the course?
The less you know the better! Come with an empty cup, so that we can fill it with necessary and important knowledge required to make you a successful Technical Analyst.

What is the course duration?
2 days only.

How can one learn such a difficult subject like technical analysis in just 2 days?
Course is designed in such a manner that learning becomes fun. Moreover, each topic is revised more than 2 times so that concepts are reinforced and become permanent in one's memory. You are only taught what is important and effective to earn money from markets. The best thing is that, you can start earning from stock markets from the very next day you complete the course.

Does the training include use of softwares ?

All through the session the technical analysis software is used in a manner that participants get accustomed to the use of it. There is a session on installation,customizations,updation etc of the software as well as some powerpoint tutorials are given for future reference. Participants do get the chart template ( we use ) which includes the tried,tested and researched parameters.

What is the course fee?
Course fee is just Rs.14000 only. It includes, historical data, one year subscription for end of day data (absolutely free) and most importantly you get post-training support for one month. We also, see to it that you are trained to use the technical analysis software, metastock.

Where is the course held?
Course is conducted in Andheri (west), Mumbai. It is also possible to have course in your very own city (enquire with Nooresh)

How many participants attend the batch?
Always less than 10, so that each one gets enough attention and there is enough time for interaction.

In which language is the course imparted?
Course is taught in English. But, participants can ask and interact in Hindi & Gujarati as well.

Who conducts the course?
Mr. N. S. Fidai is an ex-banker and a highly respected technical analyst having vast experience of more than 18 years in stock markets is chief instructor.

Mr. Nooresh Merani, is an IT engineer who has gained huge fan following through his daily posts on will also take a session.

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