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In one of our earliest presentation of Sept 2005 Post 8000 boom or doom we had given the view of 25k-45k-77 by 2018 and we have already hit 21k in the first phase of the 13 year cycle and we continue to maintain the view.

Few months back we had come out with a presentation Kal Aaj aur Kal ??? in which we had discussed 12500-12800 zone is the worst possible and buying be done from 14k-12.5k levels.
Later on the blog we had discussed booking of profits in the pickings at 15100 and 15500-15800.

In continuation with the above presentations /report , have finally completed one of the most detailed technical report/presentation on Sensex in conjunction with Dow Jones , Bear phases of 1992 /2000 etc etc. It taken lot of days of work since last weekend to this weekend!. Although its a technical analysis view but have tried to put it in as simple manner for all to understand.

This is just a technical view and analysis to attempt unravel details in the historical movements of Sensex , Dow Jones to create a view for the future. There could be many different opinions , comments on the above and would like readers to contribute the same and pass it to others to get more views . Mail to noorrock2002@gmail.com .



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No daily post today as not much time was left for it 🙁

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