2 lac hits on the blog ………millions& millions made

2 lac hits on the blog from the day the counter was put around in nov 2006 .

20000-25000 hits a month

Viewers frm 4 continents Asia , Europe , USA , Australia.

millions n millions being made everyday .

Sensex Technical View :

Sensex has sustained above 20500 and the next tgts or resistances are placed at 21100 and 21500 . Supports at 20500 zone . Be highly stock specific as rallies continue to be selective in nature.

Review :

GREMACH INFRA had written a small fact report at 345 levels . ITS a client call initiated from 195-200 . Diwali pick given at 260 🙂 ... Today trading at 480. Now all the broking houses , street men shouting 🙂 and buying


for quite some time i mentioned about a reversal frm lower levels ...Bajaj Hind at 205-210 and balrampur at 80s... All have moved up more then 50% frm then ... Client calls on the abovee 2 sugars

Yesterday had stated all the sugars apart frm FNO are shaping up well ..... Couldnt givee a list as they zoomed away .........Only stock mentioned Sakthi Sugars did 20% freeze tgt of 110 1sst done intra day ...Still a lot of sugars like Kesar ent , Rajashree , Dhampur look good for 20-30% gains frm current levels only prob all r in T2t segment...

Ashok leyland zooming ...

07-Jan-2008 10:12:25

BUY SAKTHI SUGARS in delivery for medium term at 95 look to add more at 88 -90 levels also. tgt 110-128 .

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION ( batch zie less then 10 )

MUMBAI JAN 12-13 ( confirm ur seats as soon as possible )

BANGALORE JAN 19-20 . ( 2-4 seats left )

Stocks to watchout for :

Investors those who prefer the mutual fund route or fixed deposits can look to buy Britannia inds, Ingersoll Rand with 3-6 mths view for modderate returns.

TVS motors has signalled a fresh breakout and is headed towards 90-100 in short to medium term. Look to accumulate at current levels for short term. ( Disclosure recommended to clients at 75 today)

RCOM , RPL , Reliance have all given fresh breakouts and advise would be to hold on for more gains frm here.... So be patient ...

Auto Inds looks good for medium term ... buying only above 245 so keep it on the ticker..

Wierd small cap idea :

Radaan Mediaworks..............after some good buying in previous run this is one penny which could run one way ..So risky players can go ahead ..

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