Consolidation and range bound moves to continue…

Sensex Technical View :
As was suggested in last view that gaps are not good signs and is better if it gets filled which was done today. The range bound consolidation will continue in the range of 18300 to 19300 . Needs to cross on either side for clear direction .Be stock specific and keep strict stoplosses.

Review :
JSW steel and Reliance are hold with stops at 950 and 2780 for positional players, Revathi equipments rocks does 1530 frm950 🙂 , Core Projects our never sell stock does 285 i still maintain never sell and add if u have patience 🙂 , Avantel soft moves keep holding it , Mudra , Rts, gt offshore , stone hold on .. The blog was not updated yest due to time 🙂 concerns ...

Stocks to watchout for :

Artson Engineers , Agro tech Foods can watchout for intraday freeze players or 10-15% moves...

Hinduja Finance looks set for strong moves in next 2 weeks with a stop of 550 for high risk players only..

Just a thought :

How retail investors make mistakes !!

For last few days i have got whole lot of queries about RPL and my view on it . I had always stated the view that my tgts were placed at 250-300 zone for long term to the buy call initiated at 115 , 140 and 190 .... We had advised profit booking in the range of 250-300 and above 260 sent message to all........

Check the link below where i had written about RPL at 115 and also the link for chart given at 72 levels 🙂

Another link where had written re enter at 190-210 with long term perspective

Current View remains the same the stock is an investment pick at 190 zones but dont expect moves in near term .... We mentioned the stock at 70 , 115 , 140 when all the retail investors were sleeping coz till the sound is not big on TV or on the streets they dont listen about good investments !!!! Do ur research or use simple common sense!!! ......

RPL was languishing at 60 -70 range for 6-8 mths nobody was interested !!! RNRL was also in 20-35 range people were apprehensive .... Suddenly at 260 + RPL seems the best i still dont understand why !! RNRL becomes a darling at 180 .... Controlling greed and emotions are necessary and u dont buy just because ur paanwaala is also buying RPL !!!

I still maintain the bullish view on RPL and RNRL in long term and can be bought on declines at 190 and 125 , and they should touch newer highs in coming years but not in Near term !!!

I would like to put it this way " COMPANES may be the best in the WORLD in operations and branding but its only UR BUYING PRICE which makes it the BEST in ur PORTFOLIO"

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