Sensex view :

Sensex is facing resistance at the current channel as shown ...

Sensex has resistance around 14510 levels and we would see a fresh bullish spurt above that only...

Supports at 13950 and 13500 channel support....

The last leg of rally which i feel is still left will conclude by 1st week of february max ..So keep your senses ready to lookout for a whiff of uneasy markets !!!

Be ready to square up your positions and sit on cash ... We would try to warn you as soon as we see we are nearing risky zones ... As of now smoothsailing ...

Now on only FUNDAMENTAL scrips will be the focuss mainly and fewer coz some may run but after that the trap may follow so we should become more responsible in selection

1) Lanxess ABS recommended earlier still looks good..

2) Solectron Centum our old time investment stock also Suven both were in T2T segment now will go easily coz no more traders will be involved...!!Long term stories intact in both!!!

3) FDC another stock which has underperformed if it stays above 40 levels should target 46 and 55-57 zone ...!!! good levels to invest at ...Good volumes built up implies accumulation going on...
Chart to be posted on monday !!!!

Circuit hitter risky bets please play safe not necessary to play in them !!!

premier explosives can hit a few days...

Earlier we had given 3 pennies Harig Crankshaft frm 1.89 to 3.34 non stop which is like 189 to 334 ...!!!

JIK inds hit 5-6 circuits but

the two have given 60-70 % returns

But we told you all please dont trade in them just that pennies even we can recommend but risk is not what we recommend!!!!!!!!!



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