Hits and Misses – ‘Technical Traders Room’ – August 2023

Hey there, check out these before-and-after charts of ideas shared on the Technical Traders Room channel!

We're gonna spill the beans on the best and worst performers, but these are just a few highlights from the many ideas shared on the channel.

So, when you look at those charts, try to put yourself in the shoes of the traders who spotted these ideas. What were they thinking when they spotted the opportunity? How did they react to the chart and stock movement after that? It's a fantastic learning experience !!

Happy charting and good luck with your trades!

Good clean moves across a few smallcaps and midcaps in Aug 2023!

First the 'HITS'


BEML - Up 54%


KSL - Up 24%


Pokarna - Up 35%


Railtel - Up 68%


Remsons India- Up 65%


Schand - Up 38%


SCI -  Up 25%


SHK - Up 32%


Solar Industries - Up 23%



TFCIL - Up 21%


First the 'MISSES'


Kaveri Seeds - Down 8%


Maithan Alloys - Down 4%


Nuvoco - Down 7%


DCB Bank - Down 9%..



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Technical Analysis Training – 28th and 29th October 2023

Technical Analysis Training – 28th and 29th October 2023

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