Technical Analysis Training – 28th and 29th October 2023

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We're revamping the way we've been running our technical analysis course. It used to be a two-day event where we met in person and talked about Technicals, from the basics to the trickier parts.

This time, we're doing things a bit differently, we’re splitting the course into two parts that make learning even more detailed and help us share a lot more insights with you!

Part One: Online: We've recorded videos that explain the basic stuff about Technical Analysis. When you sign up and pay, we'll make an account for you on our website. You will have to watch Section One and Section Two (Which cover the basics of technical analysis) before coming to the offline event.

Part Two: Let's Dive Deeper:  Now, this is where things get exciting. We're hosting a two-day workshop where we'll get to meet face-to-face. In this workshop, we'll talk about more advanced topics and tricks that we've learned over the years.

The reason to do so was to include advanced topics and insights that we have been practicing over the years in the 2-day training program and include a lot of QnA

Brief outline of the topics which will be covered in the offline training program

We will start with revising the basics and moving onto

  • Moving Averages / Moving Average Convergences
  • Price and Volume Analysis + Delivery Volumes Analysis
  • Dow Theory and Various Trends – Sentiment Analysis – Market Breadth. Diffusion Indicators
  • Various Chart Patterns and the best ones to use
  • How to identify False Breakouts.
  • Problems around Fibonacci, Elliot Waves, Gann etc.

Advanced Topics

  • Sectoral Analysis - Relative strength, ratio analysis, comparative charts to find outperforming stocks and sectors in different cycles
  • Creating your own index – Create Equiweight and Price Weighted Index Charts for Sectors on Metastock and Trading view
  • How to identify topping out and bottoming out patterns at market extremes –
    • Bse smallcap divergence,
    • Market breadth Analysis, insider trading
    • RSI divergences
  • Intermarket Analysis – Global, Currencies, Commodities, Rate cycles etc. and Indian Correlation – Many Examples
  • Technical Analysis for Investors
    • How to invest in long term breakouts
    • Techno – Funda Analysis
    • Investing in cyclicals via technicals
  • Beyond Screen and Screeners - Alternative frameworks for idea generation –
    • Bulk deals tracking
    • Institutional Selling,
    • Insider Trading
    • SHP Changes
    • Game Changing Announcements
    • Special Events – Rights, buyback, flows, Esops, Succession
  • Trading Psychology / Position Sizing –
    • Diversification vs Concentration
    • How much leverage to use
    • Derivatives and Technicals
    • How to think of Asset allocation – When to increase cash / When to increase leverage / concentration
  • Pros and Cons of being into Full Time Trading or even Part Time Trading.
    • How much capital you need to be a full-time trader
  • Softwares to use
  • Brute Force – How to look at 500+ charts on a regular basis !!

This outline provides a general overview, and there might be some minor adjustments to the curriculum as we approach the event.

Before we meet up, we'd love for you to finish watching the videos from Section 1 and Section 2. That way, we're all on the same page and ready to make the most of the workshop.


Course details:

Date: 28th and 29th October 2023

Course Fees: Rs. 18880/- (16000 + 18% GST)

Location: Andheri (Mumbai)

Please note : If you have already taken our Online Technical Analysis Course from our App or Website, you can attend the course by paying Rs. 12980 (11000+18% GST)


Bank Account Details:

Account Holders Name - Nooresh Merani

Account No – 06661530002851

IFSC Code - HDFC0000666

Branch -    Seven Bungalows Branch

UPI ID for payments- 9819225396@upi

Gpay - 9819225396


Here's another benefit: If you enroll for the course, you can get a 30% discount on our product, the Technical Traders Room, (for a 6-month or one-year subscription)


Once you make the payment, do send us your details (Name, Mobile and Email id) on & Whatsapp on 7977801488 confirming the same


For any doubts, Whatsapp on 7977801488

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