NooreshTech Weekly Insights – 8th April 2022

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NooreshTech Weekly Insights (8th April 2022)

1 ) Insider Trading Alert

Navneet Education Limited

Navneet Education is a leading manufacturer of Maharashtra and Gujarat State Board Publication books and also stationery products

Details of buying:


Past Promoter Shareholding


The promoters and directors have recently bought ~4 lk equity shares from the open market which comes to around 0.18 % equity

Also, promoter holding has gone up from 61.89% in March 2019 to 63.15% in Dec 2021

HDFC Mutual Fund holds an 8.94% stake in the company and

Motilal Oswal Equity Opportunities Fund has entered the shareholding in Dec 2021 quarter with 1.33% holding



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2) Sector in focus - Defense

A lot is being talked about the defense sector after the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Countries have started increasing their budget allocation to defense world over.

India's budget allocation to defense is also increasing YoY (in US $ billion)


Some of the Indian Listed Defense Companies


Lets come to the Technical Charts - which shows the trend is just catching up world over

Global Defense Companies

Now lets see what's the trend in Indian Defense Companies ?


We may have not covered all the listed defense companies but the trend is in their favour as you can see from above charts

Some more links worth spending time on :


3) Important SAST Deals (Non-Promoter) – March 23rd to 06th April 2022

Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers - Any acquirer, who together with PAC, holds shares entitling them to 5% or more of the shares in a target company, shall disclose every acquisition or disposal of shares
1st March to 23rd March 2022 deals previously covered in past Weekend Insights

Do let us know in the comments section if you have a take on any of the above observations!!


Happy Weekend !!


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