How to Survive a Market Crash in 2016 ?

If this title excited you then you would be disappointed as am not writing nothing new.

Taking some points from this article I wrote in June 2012 .

Do read it.

Back then some similar points today

1)  2 yr Germany treasury notes at negative yields in 2012.

In 2016 its 10 yr Japanese government bond yieds hit sub zero and so did some more in European countries.

2) US dollar was a few years back was considered toilet paper and is now rallying against almost all currencies in the world.

A lot of emerging market currencies have depreciated 30-50% even Yuan is being depreciated. USDJPY and many other pairs going crazy

3) The speculative money going into commodities is running away with Brent crude at sub 100 and Nymex crude at 83.

Now in 2016 Crude is at 30 $ and a lot of OPEC countries feeling the heat. ( Where is the speculative money going now ? - No idea )

4) There are so many predictions of dooms day around the net and very few about turnarounds.

The sentiment is so bad that no one thinks budget is an event or GST is history. Can you even think of one good thing happening which could change course of markets? Predictions have started from 22000 -15000 Sensex. But remember the predictions of 36000 in March 2016 and so on in the year 2015 🙂

Speaking to a lot of people and reading a lot of macro articles even my conviction is being tested and so is yours 🙂 Thats how markets are - Got to live with it. One good investor told me a nice line.

You buy a stock at a price from where you believe you can make Money. Rest Markets will decide the temporary loss and eventual profit. So do your homework and just sit on yout fat bum:)

I continue to remain optimistic for the future , Markets, Finance and World finds a balance to survive and Mankind too:). On the market crash i am already down 20-25% from peak.  So its already a crash.

No Situation is Permanent. ye waqt guzar jayega


The last time I wrote the Article on June 6th 2012 Nifty was at 4800 never to seen again. Fingers crossed. 🙂

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  1. c.balachandar
    February 18, 2016

    Sir, I read your article “How to Survive a Market Crash in 2016 ?” I cant understand the fact of that. Please mail me your opinion that from here market can go up or come down. If it will come down then what is your target for Sensex. Please mail me the details.


    with regards,


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