RSI at 2008/2011 Lows – Big Buy Opportunity coming – Nifty Technical Analysis – Video !!


Its been a long time I did a Video Analysis on Nifty. More due to the amount of time it takes as well as my focus on trade ideas for clients.

The last time I did a detailed video analysis was at 6000 Nifty in February 2014 and the rest is history. It was followed by a detailed report on Indian Elections which too did well.

Check this old detailed video on what happens when Nifty is oversold.

What Happens When Nifty is Oversold 

A similar video was also done on Dow Jones which too made life time highs posts that - Dow Jones Highly Oversold and Buy Opportunity

I believe we are staring at a similar opportunity in the next few weeks.

Video Analysis on Nifty




Conclusion -

Nifty retracement zones to 8050-8150 with 8250 as max. A dip back to test lower support zones. Can be 7650-7800 which will be an excellent opportunity but stock specific we may not see similar lows. So time to start investing and looking for stock specific opportunity starts right now.

Also believe this is as big an opportunity like the one we saw in previous instances as shown in video. Some huge returns were made post such a bottoming out.

Happy Investing/Trading.

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  1. Ganesh Kumar
    September 6, 2015

    Dear Nooresh, wonderful foresight !! Great analysis. Really thrilling as well as insightful. Thanks a lot for the wonderful work. Keep it up. I’m so happy to discover you and you have been doing such a great work for more than 10 years !! Really Kudos to you !! Please do respond to my other 8 year cycle post, which I have submitted in the 2006 dejavu article of yours.
    Thanks a lot !!
    Best Regards


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