Ambika Cotton – How Technicals point to Accumulation before Breakout.

In our recent Technical Trades March report for Technical Traders Club had covered Ambika Cotton as a breakout trade.


This is how the chart was placed.


Ambika Cotton


One can clearly see a sideways consolidation or can call it a triangle/cup and handle and so on. Volumes were increasing showing accumulation by smart hands with a little price move.


Post the breakout this is how the stock looks after a 30-50% jump.


Ambika Cotton Impact


Technically one could see accumulation and trade setup but definitely not expect a jump of 30-50% so soon but that is the good part of trading on low risk high reward technical breakout setups. Sometimes it could take a few months as expected on initiation of trade and sometimes you get lucky with a quick jump.


There was a little bias of liking textile stock as i have been bullish on Vardhman Textiles and KPR Mills on a bit of fundamental and technical reasoning.

This is the post on KPR Mills which has moved nicely from 280-330 to 500-550. Both the stocks are part of Big Value 2.0 portfolio from 420-450 and 275-290.


One of the reason for Ambika Cotton Mills moving up can be this block deal.


ValueQuest India Moat Fund which is managed by Sanjay Bakshi – a veteran value investor bought around 40000 shares of Ambika Cotton Mills at Rs. 699 each, laying out an investment of Rs. 2.79 crore.


P.S – Do note i have vested interests in all the stocks i mention and my views can be biased. Do your own research and risk management . Read the disclaimer and disclosure.





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Nooresh Merani

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