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This is an interesting product on which I have been working over the last year. On similar lines we had earlier come out with Technical Trades Monthly reports which were very well received by the readers.


In the last 9 months we came out with 6 reports ( skipping a few months due to lack of opportunity or over momentum ). But there is still a lot of research, trade setups, investment ideas which we work on and can be shared with our subscribers. Essentially the product is about sharing not just ideas but possibly the though process behind it.


So we have designed an interesting product which will have not just sharing of technical research but a lot of learning.


1) Technical Trades Monthly Report -

Technical Trade Setups, Index View – Nifty/Bank Nifty and more, Medium Term Trade Setups if any, Value Picks.

Not necessary every month but 8-10 reports free in a year. (Will be paid for everyone apart from the subscribers of Technical Trades)


2) Thematic Reports

We come out with some interesting thematic reports during events, technical turnaround points. These presentations are detailed and at times almost 50-70 slides of interesting research.


Last few reports

a) September 2012 - Forget the Past -  The post on it

b) March 2014 – Indian Elections – Do they Change Market Trends -

c) June 2014 - Abhi to Picture Baaki hai Mere Dost – ( Presented in our Seminars in Mumbai/Bangalore )


3) Stock Charts /Trade Setups

Apart from the monthly reports there will be a lot of trading setups / ideas/ stocks on radar/ shared on an adhoc basis depending on market conditions.

There can be a lot of ideas shared in this section as well as a few high conviction ideas.


4) Investment Picks – Techno – Funda

In this section we will try to cover medium to long term bets. It will be a mix of technicals and fundamentals with a little more emphasis on fundamentals.

There can also be some purely value investment ideas.


5) Seminar Presentations

We keep doing seminars in Mumbai, Bangalore and also present at investor groups, study circles. We will be sharing those presentations with the subscribers.



Apart from this we may try to add more interesting stuff as we go ahead & would love suggestions from the members.



All the communication will be through e-mail. 


The subscription is priced at

Rs 15000 for 6 months


Online Payment Link - 


Rs 25000  for 1 year


Online Payment Link 


We expect to rollout the updates in this scheme from 22nd September 2014. So subscribe at the earliest.


For any queries call Nooresh 09819225396 or Ankit 09899899989 or




Apart from the above membership the other services which we provide for short to extreme short term trades is QuickGains Premium Plus & QuickGains Newsletter Plus.

Our long term recommendations product Big Value 2.0 has been closed and no fresh memberships allowed.


  1. Karan
    March 3, 2015

    Hi, how many are stock futures picks in this?

  2. jafar
    March 19, 2017

    interested to join technical trade service already send mail plz contact.


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