Titan and Tata Global Beverages – Short Term Trade Ideas.



  1. è After giving a triangle breakout the stock is consolidating and waiting for a breakout above 125.
  2. è Higher than volumes over the last few sessions indicates accumulation before the big move.
  3. è One can initiate a buy at 120-122 with a stoploss of 117.5 and targets at 130-137 in short term.
  4. è Momentum trade can be initiated above 125 with a stoploss at 120 and similar targets.






  • è Titan is about to explode from a symmetrical triangle which has upside to 240/253 in short term.
  • è We may see momentum action above 234 with a quick move to 238-240 in the day. Day traders may keep a stoploss at 231 on momentum buy.
  • è A positional trade will have a stoploss at 227.

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Meanwhile had been mentioning to buy Nifty at 5120 and Bank Nifty 10000-10200. The bounce back has come expected. One may now book half or more of the position and trail for higher targets. https://nooreshtech.co.in/2012/07/nifty-and-bank-nifty-at-critical-support-levels-and-risk-reward-buy-areas-kotak-mahindra-and-idfc.html


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