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Yet again i am back with a new set of stockcharts.Due to the time constraints wont be able to give follow ups so stick to the stoploss as well as targets to book profits. Lakshmi Vilas has for example done the move from 98 to 125 !!


JBF Inds:

The stock has given a fresh breakout at 146 and should head to 165++ levels in short term. Earlier the stock was recommended at 100-110 on the blog.

Fundamentals are pretty interesting so risk is low and high returns.



Recommended in Delivery Gains/Short Term Delivery at 140-144 ( got 6 rs dividend too ).

Maintaining hold for 165+




Nicholas Piramal:

Another stock which can surprise possibly wth a favorable announcement.

A good technical trade on sustaining 512 levels. Target price of 540/580 + in short term. Downside risk is low.



The stock looks excellent on the Enterprise Valuation but the volumes dissuaded me to look into small cap coverage. But will surely have a re-look after the current move to 75 subsides.

At 100 crores market cap it seems to be one of the cheaper stocks in paper segment in comparison to the huge capacities they have built up though performance has been bad on earnings.

In near term the stock should head to 75+.


Recommended in QuickGains Premium Service at 63.




Laskhmi Machine Works:

The stock has been in a tight range for last 6-8 months. Has given a breakout and will catch more power on crossing 2250 levels. Expect a move to 2500 +




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  1. Pranav
    August 25, 2010

    Hi Nooresh,

    What is your view on NICPIR (Nicholas Piramal). You recommended that if it goes above 512, it will rise higher.
    What if it closes below 512. Should we exit or hold it?
    It has gone down today and is currently around 506.

    I want to play it in the FnO segment. What stop-loss do you recommend for September.


  2. satvinder
    August 25, 2010

    sl hit piramil

  3. Rakesh
    August 25, 2010

    JBF is a very good fundamental company. Very good product. Had bought it at 80 levels and sold it at 120 levels. My broker recommended it for medium term. Added more at 140 levels. Should reach 170 levels soon……..


    1. nooresh
      August 29, 2010


      Was that a question or answer 🙂

      JBF Inds has been discussed quite some time in the postings

      1. Ubed Mansuri
        August 31, 2010

        Nooresh ji.

        and hot stock for short team dilivery???

        Ubed Mansuri


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