Excel Crop Care ,Mercator Lines, IRB Infra , Ansal buildwell – Interesting Charts

Some interesting Charts seen in the weekend.



Interesting Triangle Pattern. The stock can give a quick move to 100 if able to stay above 84.




The stock has given a nice breakout at 300 levels and should head to 315-320 in extreme short term and then to much higher levels ideally.

Buy with a stoploss of 295.

Dislcosure Recommended to clients at 297-299.


Mercator lines :

Nice breakout and momentum play for a target of 58 in near term. Stoploss would be 52.5


Disclosure: Recommended to clients at 52.5-53.5


Excel Crop Care :


This is one excellent long term stock in the Agro Space. It was earlier advised at 160.


Now the stock has given a fresh breakout and is mostly headed to new highs which is an indication of better times to come. Investors with patience should have a re-look on the stock with long term view. Stock could do 400 in long run.

Check Earlier Recommendation here-



Please do your own research and adequate risk management:)




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