Relax … Choppy moves are very difficult to trade

Sensex Technical View :

The trendline seems to have supported todays downmove as well as the gap around 11635. The gap around 11430 can be filled in coming sessions. Couple of sessions below 11600 may lead to 10700 support zones. 
Only a move beyond 12300 could lead a next 500-800 point move up. So its a tricky zone for the market. Continue to stay on sidelines.
Global Indices also have done their 5-10% move as expected and can get choppy here. Check previous post --
Stocks to watchout for :
stop hit for orchid,Dish keep trailing,Fortis watch for 76 cross.GTC stop 50 or exit on cost. Keep positions light. 
No stock calls for the week prefer to sit out and watch.

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