Gradual Play

The coming 3-4 days will be crucial for the markets...The charts show a last dip is possible and heavies and other stocks are showing pennnants and wedges which could break on either side so wait for a breakout or breakdown in particular stocks before taking calls...

The world is going gaga about a double bottom formation ...A double bottom is not confirmed yet..A bottom is a bottom only till it is not broken in coming days so wait dont jump the gun...YOu may get killed...

12240 on the lower side and 12800 are the levels for extreme short term ...The panics and further panics will be over by end of this month ...Stability will come soon..

Stock calls:

JAmmu Kashmir Bank if stays above 665 levels with volumes will perform vell...Staying strong

Hind Zinc below 550 levels can go to sub 500 levels..

Union Bank above 95 can touch 99-103

VSnl below 360 weak ...




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