3 Stocks Friday – Mahindra CIE, Vguard Industries, Stylam Industries

In this weekly series, we have come up with 3 stocks that deserves a deep dive.

We will point what interests us, you have to do your own research and decide to take a plunge or to make a pass!!

Stock 1 – Mahindra CIE Automotive


Mahindra CIE is a subsidiary of CIE Automotive S.A, Spain

It is a multi-technology automotive components supplier with a presence in many technologies, which include forgings, castings, stampings, magnetic products and composites.

Recent Board Decision - Name Change & looking for a potential buyer for its subsidiary

Board approved to change the name of the Company to “CIE Automotive India Limited”

Board took note of the proposal to launch an active program to locate a buyer for the German Forging Operations


The stock is crossing its multiyear resistance zone of 320-330 zones

Is the recent development and announcement significant enough to take the stock into new territories?

This is a stock definitely one got to keep an eye on!!


Stock 2 – Vguard Industries

Business –

V-Guard Industries Ltd. (‘V-Guard’) is engaged in manufacturing innovative and experiential products in the categories of Electronics, Electricals and Consumer Durables

Its product portfolio includes

  • Electronics - Stabilizers, Digital UPS & Batteries.
  • Electricals - House Wiring cables, Switchgears, Modular Switches, Pumps.
  • Consumer Durables - Fans, Air coolers, Kitchen Appliances, Solar & Electric Water heaters

Recent Announcement –

V-Guard Industries (V-Guard) announced that it has signed definitive agreements today for acquiring 100% stake in Sunflame Enterprises Private Ltd. (SEPL) for a consideration of INR 660 crs. The acquisition is in line with V-Guard's strategy to become a significant player in the domestic Kitchen Appliances segment. Sunflame Enterprises Private Ltd. (SEPL) is one of the leading players in the kitchen appliances space in India

Chart –

The stock is near its multiyear resistance zone of 260-280

Does the recent acquisition big enough for the stock to breakout of its 4 year resistance zone?

This is also a stock worth tracking!!


Stock 3 – Stylam Industries

Business –

Stylam Industries is engaged in the manufacturing of decorative laminates under the brand name “STYLAM” and exports its products primarily to European and South East Asian countries

Recent Deal –

In a recent bulk deal, a private equity investor, Lighthouse funds, who once used to own 12-13% stake in the company, exited the company completely by selling remaining 599800 shares.

Buyer’s name includes Investor Vanaja Sundar Iyer who bought 1.30lk shares and DII Abakkus Growth Fund added 3.50lk shares. Abakkus now owns 4.34% stake in the company

Other shareholder name includes Mukul Mahavir Agarwal, Quant Mutual Fund-Quant Small Cap Fund, Sixth Sense India opportunities fund etc.

Chart –

Stock had a big runup from 150 odd levels to 1300 levels and since then been consolidating in a range since a year, now that a major PE fund has exited the stock completely and supply overhang being over, will the stock breakout of the consolidation and go towards new all-time highs?




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