March 2022 Insider Trading Report – A good way to hunt for companies worth investing

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Insider Trading refers to the buying & selling of shares by promoters in their own company. 

Well, who better knows a company than a promoter himself?

Still, some big investors buying a stake in a company is overrated and a Promoter buying a stake in his own company is underrated.

Here are our views on why is it beneficial to track insider trading activity and what are things we should take care of



We have been tracking insider trading activity for a very long time but in a very haphazard manner. To bring some discipline and structure to our tracking we launched a product around it. Now as we have subscribers to this product we are liable to track this activity every month which in turn has brought more discipline to our tracking.

It's been more than a year and half now since we have started tracking this activity every month and we have been thrown with some good names every month or two

What's in the report?


Free Sample Report - Dec 2021

Insider Trading Report - Dec 2021

If you wish to subscribe to our report, click on the links below

Subscription details:

Via Email - Get monthly report in your mailbox

Monthly - Rs 599/- (1 Report)

Quarterly - Rs 1499/- (3 Reports)

Yearly - Rs 4999/- (12 Reports)

Via Application - Get monthly report on our application (Easy to notify on mobile app)

Yearly - Rs 4999/- (12 Reports)

Download Our App

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Org code - "bvuod"

We also have a Smallcase based on Insider Trading - Top 10 Insider Trading

Top 10 Insider Trading actively tracks Open Market Buying and Selling by Promoters and comes out with Interesting Stocks worth Investing based on Insider Trading

We have launched it since 11th Aug 2021 since which the returns are as below

Top 10 Insider Trading Smallcase = 43.69%

BSE Smallcap Index = 7.54%



Here's a link to everything that we do


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