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Continue to like the Textile Sector as a long term bet.

We covered the Sector in January 28th 2021 – Can download the old report here. We had covered and rode it well in 2014-2017 too – Check this old post 

Our Spin Basket Smallcase is now up 40% plus in 4 mths - 

Some Textile Charts below.

Disclosure – Author is heavily biased as has holdings across textile stocks and recommended to clients. We may book partial profits at higher levels. Do your own research and risk management.


Banswara Syntex – 4 year highs.

Banswara Blog


RSWM – Near 5 year highs



Nitin Spinners – Back to Fresh Breakout.


Nitin Spinners Blog


NB Ventures – Good Consolidation.



Nalco – Interestingly placed. Aluminium at 2900 not far from recent highs of 3200 +. Stock is waiting to breakout above the 106 mark.


Nalco Blog


Lincoln Pharma – Lots of Insider Buying – Check the Insider Trading Report

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Lincoln Pharma


Indian Hotels – 2006-2021 zero returns with highs at 150-160. Breakout and Retest Now. A good open up trade if one has patience.


Indian hotels blog


GTPL Hathway – Good Consolidation and Trend.

GTPL Hathway


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