Stocks on Radar–ITC Limited, Astra Microwave, Godfrey Philips, KEC International

Nifty 50 – A stubborn Market.

2 days of a dip and it turns from highly overbought 80 + RSI to sub 70.

Do check the video Nifty RSI at 80  - 

For now we keep a watch on 17250-17300 which has been the low for last 2 weeks.


Nifty Stubborn



ITC - Sustaining 240 implies a long term trend change.

220 a stoploss for this view.

A follow up on the earlier view shared on ET Now - and twitter.


ITC now


ASTRA MICROWAVE--- Multiple tops at 185.
Can be a breakout above 185

Astra Microwave


Godfrey Philips – Another cigarette stock near a breakout.


Godfrey Philips


KEC INTERNATIONAL - Breakout with volumes





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