Long Term Breakouts–DLF Limited, Indiabulls Real, Mahindra Life, National Aluminium & Manappuram Finance

Starting of the with the Nifty Realty Index which is about to cross 2018 highs and seems like a multi-year trend starting in a lot of real estate stocks.

Nifty Realty Index


3 Real Estate Stocks making long term breakouts. Many others too interestingly placed.

Disclosure – Indiabulls Real Estate & Mahindra Life – Recommended in Technical Traders Club

DLF Limited – The Largest Weight in the Index.


DLF Long Term


Indiabulls Real Estate – A new era under new leadership ?

Indiabulls Real Estate


Mahindra Lifespaces – A multi-year breakout

Mahindra Lifespaces


Couple of other stocks in Midcaps

National Aluminium – Starting a New Cycle ?

Nalco long term


Manappuram Finance – Back at the 180-185 resistance. Setting up for a big move ?

Manappuram Finance


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