Sunday Thoughts– Difference between Corrections & Multi Year Top.

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Difference between a Correction & a Multi-Year Top.


There are two things which we have been hearing and reading from good investors/traders and even normal people for last 6-9 months.

All the reasons, logic, analysis seem smart. But is it useful or is it for You?


1) Market has over run, overvalued, heated, euphoric, bubble. etc

This started right at 10000-12000 Nifty.

We are up 20-60 % up from even those price points.

Some of the common statements.

  • Ground Reality is Bad. Why is Markets Up.
  • Its  a Bubble.
  • P-E has gone crazy.
  • New Retail is Dumb Money.
  • You got to be crazy buying at these elevated prices.
  • Stocks are up 100-200-300% from lows is totally illogical.
  • Retail is Dumb.
  • Thank the FED. If they were not printing you wont be minting.
  • etc etc.

    POLL – How much do we Fall on the Nifty  ?

    There have been a lot of Warnings about how Overheated Markets have been from 10k-16k Nifty. Whenever we top out in the short term How much do we Fall? Just take a Guess and Share with others.

    1) 5-15% Normal Correction

    2)15-25% Painful Correction.

    3) 25-40% like Covid Fall.

    4) 40-60% Armageddon like 1992 and 2008.

    Please put your guess in this Poll - 

    I will also put my answer publicly post the poll is over.  Maybe a follow on Post.


    The above poll is to understand the difference between a Correction and a Multi-Year Top.


    Sharing 3 charts without any description for now.


    Nifty Multi-Year Top & Corrections.

    Corrective Tops



    Corrections in a Bull Market 2003-2008



    Corrections in 2020-2021

    Nifty Warnings


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