Chor Bane Mor can now change to Chor Zabardasti Mane Mor

A couple of years back had made this presentation at an Investors Meet.

The thesis was how promoters will now get into better governance as lack of avenues to deploy unaccounted black money.

Now with the demonetization the presentation named earlier - Chor Bane Mor shifts to Chor Zabardasti Bane Mor.

Chor implied companies which were lax on showing profits due to high taxation or no intent to award minority shareholders. Mor implied new colours of the companies with the changing season.

After a short term hiccup can we see a huge revenue bump up by smaller companies ?

Below is the presentation. ( No company examples as disclosure and other risks of not doing detailed work 🙂

Will need to revise this one with the new era :).

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  1. UMESH
    November 10, 2016

    Good PPT….Sometimes some works remain timeless….Looks this one is…


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