Best Investing Blogs India.

If you are a full time equity trader/investor the basic requirement is to read a lot during the available time. Also during a boring or downtrend it is better to add skillsets by learning/reading on various topics.

I have found blogs as a good source of reading and many of the blogs below have helped me learn more about investing. Blogs give a good perspective from an actual practitioner with real life examples and can aid your understanding of various theory you have read in books.

Fortunately we have a lot of bloggers in India writing on investing and trading. Many of the bloggers have stopped writing since SEBI regulations and personal commitments but their past posts are a good source of learning.

In this post we are trying to list down some of the best blogs on Invest in India.

Disclosure - A lot of bloggers would have their advisory services and other products. Its not a recommendation on the same. We are covering it only from the aspect of educational purpose.

P.S - No set order in terms of compiling. Credits to Himanshu Chajer  - linkedin & twitter for compiling & listing out some of the best reads. Do mail us if we have missed some other blogs -

FUNDOO PROFESSOR by Prof. Sanjay bakshi

Profile— interview will provide some details about Prof. Bakshi. Linkedin twitter Website

He does not need an introduction. Every page or post is a must read. Also must go through his Behavioral Finance and Business Valuation Course on his website

Some of the good reads—

Safal Niveshak by Vishal Khandelwal.

Profile-- About linkedin Twitter

He is the most active blogger amongst all and has a huge no of posts on various topics in Investing. It's a great place to start to learn about investing and the thought process around it. There are a lot of Interviews of famous Value Investors. You would not get stock examples but only thought process.

Some of the best reads—

Stoic Investing by Puneet Khurana

Profile-- About Linkedin Twitter

Puneet is a MBA from MDI Gurgaon and has worked in a couple of hedge funds before going on his own as an independent investor, trainer and entrepreneur.

The stoicinvesting blog has long and insightful podcasts of interesting investors from India and abroad. You need to pull out some time and binge on some of the podcasts.

Some of the best reads—


Profile—this interview will provide some details about Neeraj Marathe. Linkedin Twitter

He does not write on his blog anymore given the regulations but if you want to be a better investor you can read what he shares on twitter. For last 1 year plus he has been sharing one good read every day on twitter.

Some of the best reads—

SageOne Investments - by Samit Vartak  

Profile - Samit Vartak

Samit is one of the founding partners and Chief Investment Officer at SageOneInvestments.

This is not exactly a blog but the Memos every quarter and other presentations shared on their newsletters and presentations links are a must read. A lot of in depth research and insights.

Some of the best reads

Manufactured Luck by Abhinav Mansinghka and Niren Parikh

Profile -

Abhinav has spent more than a decade in various functions in the Indian mutual fund industry.He is now an independent investor and is also an avid corporate trainer.

Niren is a Chartered Accountant by profession and a PGDBM from MDI, Gurgaon. Had the fortune of studying under Prof. Sanjay Bakshi and working with Mr. Raamdeo Agarwal. The last engagement was with the investments team of an AMC.Currently managing own funds, he aspires to known as one of the greatest common sense investors.

If only these guys would write frequently. Recent articles are a must read.

Some of the Best reads--



  1. Vivek
    December 15, 2016

    Nice compilation! Appreciate the effort, thanks!!

  2. Mahesh B
    December 17, 2016

    BigInvestor Blog by Nitin needs to be added

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  4. Pka
    January 13, 2017

    Interested Good

  5. Vikram Sharma
    June 29, 2017

    A great collection of blogs shared by you!!! I will read all of the blogs to know about investing tactics. I hope it will help me to know more about investments.
    Thanks for sharing…

  6. Dilip Lillaney
    December 25, 2017

    Nice list!

  7. Rahul Yadav
    May 31, 2019

    Well thats an exhaustive list of great blogs. thanks for sharing


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