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Recently had an interaction/interview with Soumya Malani and Abhijit Choksi which has been put up on their app - ShareBazaar.

Soumya Malani is a friend/client and a young chap with a couple of interesting startups - Arch the Way

You can checkout the interview by downloading their app - ShareBazaar on Android  under the section - articles - investor stories .

Some Technical Charts on Radar.

Escorts Limited

Escorts Blog

  • This stock has deceived us quite a few times before with false moves.
  • Hopefully this time its a clean breakout.
  • 175-180 a critical resistance has been crossed.
  • Disclosure - Stock recommended at 165 in Technical Traders Club


sun tv blog

  • 4-5 attempts around 390-400 in last 6 months.
  • Very good volumes in last few months.
  • Momentum could be on crossing 390-400 with volumes.
  • Disclosure - Stock recommended at 365-370 in Technical Traders Club

We have also launched Analyse India Big Value 3.0 - A product for investment.

Charges Rs 24000

Period of Service - 12-18 months

Payment Link - 


Nooresh Merani

Securities covered above: Escorts , Sun TV

SEBI Registration disclosure - RIA ( INA02991)

Financial Interest:

Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts do have exposure in the securities mentioned in the above report/article.

Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts do not have any financial interest/beneficial ownership of more than 1% in the company covered by Analyst.

Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts have not received any compensation from the company/third party covered in the above report/article ever.

Nooresh Merani and his family/associates/ analysts has not served as an officer, director or employee of company covered in the report/article and has not been engaged in market-making activity of the company covered in the report/article.

The views expressed are based solely on information available publicly and believed to be true. Investors are advised to independently evaluate the market conditions/risks involved before making any investment decision

Also read the detailed disclaimer -


  1. parag
    November 4, 2015

    24000 rs.

    is too costly.

    nowadays it should be competitive and Offcourse u should to expand more.

    1. Nooresh
      November 9, 2015


      The cost comes down to 2k rs a month and around 2% if you take a 10 lakhs minimum allocation and reduces as you go higher. Meant for serious investors and we have higher taxes nowadays 🙁

      Also focus is on existing clients and less of expansion through marketing etc. All references


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