Breakout Stocks–Bharat Forge, Hind Zinc , Allcargo Logistics, Snowman Logistics, Thirumalai. On Radar–ONGC and Selan

A lot of stock specific breakouts happening.

Just putting a few names.

Disclosure – Some names may have been recommended in Technical Traders Club 


Hindustan Zinc – Earlier posted a few days back - 


Hind Zinc


Bharat Forge – Forging above 670


Bharat Forge

Thirumalai Chemicals – GOod breakout with volumes,.


A lot of logistic names broke out today. 


Snowman Logistics – Good Price Volumes and near a breakout.



Allcargo Logistics – Breakout with volumes

Allcargo Blog


Crude Oil nearing a breakout in coming weeks above 68



The possible plays if that breaks out. Can also pre-empt with stoploss


ONGC – Above 120-122



Selan Exploration – Continues to be cheap fundamentally for long time. A breakout above 150 would be momentum

Selan Exploration


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