STAR sells 26% stake in Balaji Tele on MCX – SX

I had recently recommended Balaji Tele - 

Also a #disclosure the stock was recommended in Technical Traders Club 

For the last decade or so STAR Telefilms - Star Middle East FZ-LLC  held a 26% stake in the co.

In the last couple of days could see a buyer of 40-50 lakh shares on NSE in total buyers bid. Was waiting for a block deal for the trade and boom these guys go smart and use MCX-SX to do the block deal.

STAR Middle East had 16948194 shares in Balaji Tele

Balaji Tele has rarely traded on MCX-SX  but today the whole block got executed on MCX-SX.

Balaji Block Deal

You can check this link - Balaji Tele on MCX-SX

Will this be a start of Block Deals to happen on MCX-SX. Did Balaji give a new turn on how to do Block Deals !!

( There are some rules regarding price for a block deal on NSE/BSE which are not there on MCX-SX i suppose. A lot of deals have to be open market and leading to slippage.)

Will write a detailed post in the evening.

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  1. Ceeek
    August 6, 2015

    I would like to know more details as well. The topic is not what I follow closely… But the development and comparison of exchange would be interesting.

  2. suresh.ks
    August 8, 2015

    Really nice app….lot of things we are going to learn through this.


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