DCB Bank – A range breakout and Highs trade.

In our recent Webinar had mentioned about this stock as well as have been recommending the same from 110-120 in Technical Traders Club

Do not take this as a buy recommendation but for educational purpose. Do read the disclaimer and disclosure.

This is the chart from the recent webinar.

DCB Bank

Technical View -

-> For the last many months the stock was between 100-120 on a closing basis.

-> A nice rounding breakout was seen at 70-80

-> A lot of resistances seen at 120

-> The next major resistance comes at 160-170.

A breakout above 120-125 confirms the long term trend and momentum. Also relative performance with markets makes it easier to confirm the trend.

Technically a re-test of 120-125 is an entry point.

Some thoughts

A sector which has continued to show a lot of relativce outperformance technically and fundamentally is Textiles. I might be biased given my exposure into the names but KPR Mills, Welspun India, Ambika Cotton, Vardhman Textiles do deserve a good look and to watchout for on declines with a long term view. Do note the stocks have already rallied a lot in last 1 year.

Disclosure : Have vested interests and also these posts show KPR Mills , Vardhman Textiles , Welspun India and Ambika Cotton

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Nooresh Merani

Securities covered above: WELSPUN INDIA, DCB Bank, KPR Mills, Vardhman Textiles, Ambika Cotton

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