Sensex hits new all time high – Sentiment closer to Lows

The headlines today seems to be all talking about how our benchmark index – Sensex has hit an all time high and Nifty is not far from doing so.


In the meanwhile you got to realize the high was made in January 2008. As of today in November 2013 this is like 5 years. In the same period a fixed deposit would have given a much higher return and real estate has given obscene returns.


The last such high closer to Diwali was seen in November 2010 which saw superb moves in midcaps. Post that we saw a big correction for next couple of years.


Now with a new high why is the sentiment close to lows.


Forget about markets and traders my interactions with the consumer centric business tells me this is one of the bad diwalis with sales not picking up on expected lines. The bonuses are not great either for working class. The higher interest rates has just increased the EMIs. There is no reprieve for businesses through lower interest costs.


Now getting to markets although Index is at a new all time high but that can be attributed to some superb outperformance by particular stocks and sectors.


Sun Pharma is up 450% , TCS up 315% and ITC up 187%.


If one were to look at how weightages have changed in the last 5 years have a look at this article and this report from Crisil .

One simple example is ITC had a weight of 2.5% in 2008, now commands a weight of 10% !! Reliance which was 13-15% is now at 8-9%. This is the beauty of market cap weighted indices. The weightages increase with price increase and vice versa making it a survival friendly index. There was a time when Reliance Communications had a weight of 4-4.5%and is now out of it.



Now let us look at the sectoral index and you realize its healthcare, fmcg, auto and IT which have led the performance. At the same time midcaps and smallcap index is down 40-50% from 2008 highs and that is the reason for low sentiments.


1) BSE SMALL CAP INDEX --- Now this one is no where close to 2008/2010/2012-13 highs. Rather its down 58% from 2008, 48% from 2010 and 23% from 2012-13 peaks.

Now if i were to adjust inflation you may well know the returns.


As a fact majority of the Investors either invest in either mutual funds or direct equities. Remember the  loads of Small/Micro Cap Funds and Sectoral Funds that came up in 2006-2008.


Small Cap Index




This is placed a little better but nowhere close to 2008/2010/2012-13. Its down 40% and 30% from peaks of 2008/2010.





Now this is the index which should matter for the Foreign Money which is pouring in like crazy. Look at it down 36% from 2008 , 27% from 2010 and 8% down from 2012-13 highs !


So in essence the FIIs who invested in 2007-2008 are down 35-40% on an average. They still continue to invest is the good thing.





Now just putting in a lot of other indices and then you realize how Auto up 110% , FMCG up 170% , Healthcare up 130%  and IT up 90%


Realty Index is down like 80% !!




Autos are up 110% and mind you this is mainly large cap ones.




Bankex is just back to 2008 levels. Did cross it a few times before in last 5 years but could not sustain.




Capital Goods is down 56%. This was the favored sector in 2008


Capital good


Consumer Durables is at the same price.




FMCG is up 170% and has a very big weightage now in form of ITC





Healthcare i.e mainly Pharma stocks have been a superb performer. Some of them have become multiple also.



IT is up like 90% . Although it did not perform great in 2007.





Oil and Gas another sector which is down and out for last 5 years. 37% down. There was a time when Reliance, Ongc,bpcl, hpcl and all of them were the market leaders.




Powetr Index is down 50% also an Infra Index would be down similarly. Remember the good old AMCs coming out with Infra Fund, Power Sector Fund and how India was a power deficit country ( we still are )





PSUs have been badly hit all around in all sectors. Down 48%. Remember Market gave a 20% circuit for this government in 2009? We are actually below those levels in this index.


PSU Index



Bottomline – A new all time high for the Sensex/Nifty would make great headlines for newspapers and magazines but for a majority of investors there is no major positivity coming out of it.

As an investor/trader one should now focus on being stock specific and being very cautious from now onwards.

Be careful and selective in what you are buying. It might be a good time to get out of stocks which you dont believe in or are obscenely priced fundamentally. Dont find good value in quality names quoting at 40-50 times or the new theme stocks like Justdial at 100 times.


This might be a good time to focus on laggards in next drop in markets.


  1. Ratnesh Jain
    November 1, 2013

    Very interesting statistics.

  2. nitin
    November 1, 2013

    pls post ur views on unionbank . thnx

  3. jigs
    November 1, 2013

    Thanks for posting all major indices and making things clear Nooresh.
    Do you see a possibility of smallcap index having made THE bottom and its heading for 15000+ in next 2 years?
    Dirt cheap valuations suggest this possibility. Buying a 1% stake in a reputed promoter’s smallcap company is cheaper today then buying 2 BHK flat in Mumbai.

  4. sivaprakash
    November 1, 2013

    Which sector will lead the market next ?
    what are ur picks for next Dewali ?

  5. Ronak
    November 2, 2013

    It is really good and very useful .
    Thank you.

  6. prasad
    November 4, 2013

    really its superb analysis. Thanx


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