Not a time to be Brave – Panic has no Logic. Sit and Research, Focus on Quality stocks.

This is just a quick note to investors and traders.


Let not a stock being down 10-20-50% be a reason to buy a stock. Pause and Research. Take your own time. Some times missing a big trade will be better than sitting in a totally damaged stock.


Over the past few sessions have been mentioning on a lot of midcaps/smallcaps under manipulation and warnings. Financial technologies was given as a sell at 700


For now there is no point catching falling knives. Let stocks fall down as much and stabilize. In such sentiments stocks may not go up 50% quickly. So you may get an entry maybe at a higher level but in comfort and after research.


Continue to research and read up on companies as not everyone will go bankrupt and there will be some superb bargains. Do not hurry and sit tight. If you have researched a stock do mail it to us on


Although i had posted a positive view on Nifty and large caps a few months back and Nifty did bounce to 6100 and we have still not broken on Nifty supports but Bank Nifty, Midcap and Smallcap Indices have broken down and some have reached 4500 levels of Nifty and in some cases even 2008 levels. So we may even see Nifty holding with index management and stocks collapsing. we have been warning continously on avoiding dud stocks over last few days.


In such scenarios the best thing to do is DO NOTHING in markets and let things stabilize. If you have researched a good company then can sit tight or even accumulate, But do not venture into stocks because of a fall.


Panic has No Logic. Nifty continues to hold the 5600 band keeping the benchmark under control. Mind you even shorting can be risky in such conditions and sharp bear rallies can kill.


Focus only on quality stocks !! Stocks we are looking at to buy NBCC at sub 100 slowly , Rallis India at 120-130, Biocon a short term pick , Ab Nuvo at 1100-1000. Sun Pharma advanced at 100-80 in panics. We will soon be coming out with detailed notes on many stocks where we believe risk-reward and long term opportunity.



AUGUST 10-11


Can check a brief on the course outline


This would be done through webinars.



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  1. pramod kumar
    August 2, 2013

    sir i am very agree with ur views.
    Only technicals are not sufficient for a good trade.
    i tried so many times technical views fails but technical with strong support of fundamental gives great chance to win the trade.

    please reple me

    thank you


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