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In the last few days when the index fell i had been tweeting about going long at 6000 and buying 6000 call which has given a nice return.


Following are the messages sent to clients of our QuickGains Premium Plus Service and Newsletter Service .



(27-05-2013 09:23:33): Buy Gulf oilcor above 68 stoploss 65 and targets 73-75
(27-05-2013 09:29:34): Buy NIFTY at 6010-6015 stoploss 5975 and targets 6080-6100
(27-05-2013 10:14:08): Buy HDFC at 916-918 stoploss 906 targets 935-940
(27-05-2013 14:34:03): Book half NIfty futures at 6057-6060
(27-05-2013 14:47:10): Book fully at 85-90 ..  11:38:09 AM  meraninooresh: Buy 6000 call at 40-47 stoploss 30 tgt 100
(27-05-2013 14:55:52): HDFC book fully at 929-930
(27-05-2013 14:56:01): Nifty book fully at 6090-6095


Also we at Analyse India do keep coming on some business channels like CNBC ( watch me on Bulls Eye this week ) and ET Now. Recently we had Ankit Chaudhary win the Buy Now Sell Now Game on ET Now as a debutant.


Below is the link for this video.



and this is the winning snap.


Ankit - ET Now




We are getting quite a few inquiries for Chennai Program. Planning to keep one session in June 3-4 th weekend. If interested do mail us on



June 8-9


All you need is a broadband connection and pair of head phones.


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  1. MohN
    June 3, 2013

    Pls don’t get me wrong but these technicals are nothing but speculation.

    Your technical on Sterlite Tech was nothing but a big speculation that you shared earlier elsewhere.
    Today the stock is available at 100% down. from 40 levels you had shared.

    sorry to say as made few losses on your so called technicals.

    1. Nooresh
      June 5, 2013

      Hi Mohan,

      If u were to trade in markets it is to be assumed that it is speculation and one only tries to increase the hit ratio and control risk.
      Sterlite Tech did a small move after recommendation and the stops were very small. So once the stops or targets are done where the stock goes is not relevant for a trader.


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