Bharti Airtel — Confused for direction.



Bharti Airtel --- This is one confusing chart. One needs to wait for price action around 319-322 support or a move beyond 330 to initiate a reversal trade.

But one thing is clear the stock has been dead for more then a year now.

305 remains a strong support for long term. Below that it will be a gone story.


So keeping it simple will just watch and see the price action to initiate a trade.


Meanwhile we have launched a new plan which is best suited for Investors with a medium to long term outlook and a passive / conservative approach to investing.

ANALYSE WEALTHWYSE —- Check the link for more details.

The consultancy charges are Rs. 9,999/-  inclusive of all taxes & charges for 1 year.

We had a similar portfolio in August 2011 which stands around 23-25% gains. We had a much conservative approach in it as booked partial profits a bit too early but majority of the stocks have jumped 50% + also from recommended levels.

Happy Investing,

Nooresh Merani

09819225396 ( after market hours only )

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