Review of Stocks given in our Sensex : Time to be Optimistic Presentation at 16k

In the last few days i have not been able to update the blog with posts as Reliance Network issues in my area as well as lots of other work in a new venture which would soon be announced.

Another thing is do we need to look into every move which the market does or focus on making good gains steadily. For the last major report which was given at 16k had recommended a few stocks. Let us see what have the moves been in them.

For the presentation check this post 

Large Caps – IDBI , ICICI Bank, Tata Steel, United Phosphorous,

Small Caps :Dhanalaxmi Bank, Karnataka Bank, Camlin, Kei Inds

For a rough calculation i am taking the price range for the stocks between May 20-25 where it was suggested the bottom would be made. Taking an approx average price of acquistion.

For selling i havent taken the highs of the stock but roughly the current market price


Stock Name Stock Price Range Avg Price Current Market Price Points %ge
IDBI 112-106 110 118 8 7.3
ICICI Bank 850-805 825 900 75 9.1
Tata Steel 505-450 480 500 20 4.2
United Phos 167-158 164 194 30 18.3
Dhanalaxmi Bank 145-149 147 180 33 22.4
Camlin 26.5-27.5 27 32.5 5.5 20.4
Karnataka Bank 150-155 154 180 26 16.9
KEI Inds 29.5-30.5 30.2 30 -0.2 -0.7


If investors would have allocated money equally into all the stocks the portfolio would be up by 12% in less then a month. I am not even calculating the gains on Nifty futures which was advised and gave 300 points return minimum and as per current levels 500 !

My work of giving good guidance was done but in the end its the readers who need to take a call ! whether they should use the above for their benefit or just keep reading.

The view remains bullish on all the above stocks with medium term view but 75% of the profits be taken of at current levels in ICICI,IDBI,Tata Steel and Banks.Camlin,United Phosphorous and KEI look excellent for long term.

Hope to update regularly from next week.





  1. Deepak
    June 24, 2010

    Hi Nooresh, I remember you discussing Paramount Cables also earlier, which is from same sector as KEI. Between Paramount and KEI, which stock do you prefer?

    1. nooresh
      June 25, 2010

      Paramount did not perform expected so is the case with KEI inds. Kei will test patience but a good bet for long term,

  2. enkee
    June 24, 2010

    Hi bhai
    aap apni is mail mein arti drugs ko toh bhool hi gaye

    1. nooresh
      June 25, 2010

      Hi Enkee,
      Aarti Drugs was posted on the blog but not as strongly and clearly as others.


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