Dow Jones should pause at 11200 ? Crude slipping from trendline resistance


Although we dont trade this index but it is a trendsetter for the whole world so every now and then when there seems something important i do try to post a technical observation.

The index has recovered really very well from the lows but every such move sees a major retracement at 61.8 % .

Like if people remember my sell call at 15.6k-16k last 2 times few months back it was on this basis of 61% retracement.

So similar level for Dow Jones comes around 11200 odd levels… Will watch for signals on this index in coming days.



  1. Technical Observations
  2. Slipping back after hitting the trendline resistance around the 87 mark.
  3. If u see a similar turn around at 69.5 from the trendline.
  4. This is the magic of technical analysis works everywhere.


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  1. amish
    April 16, 2010

    there is unsual volume on tanla solution wts ur view


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