Technical Breakouts/Shakeouts — Smelling the News etc etc

Technical Analysis tries to smell the news and the action which is happening in the market before it comes out in the open.

The last few trades we did had a tinge of it. Not much time to explain let the charts speak.

Stocks to watchout for :

Although Index has moved back to 17.5k the broader market is still lagging by a big margin. With the start of new financial year there could be fresh allocations !! from funds. So keep a watch on Midcap moves next month.

GE shipping can give a sharp move above 295.

IFCI /Punj Lloyd good short term pullback candidates.

SUGAR STOCKS seem very oversold. Small caps like Oudh, dwarikesh and Renuka look interesting for bottom fishers looking for 10-15%

JBF inds and Piramal Glass look interesting with 3-6 mths perspective.




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Starting of with a free trial of intra day calls from April 1st week for 7 sessions. The calls would be generated by our analyst - Shams. The free trial would only be on sms.

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Wait for more announcements soon 🙂

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